Fort Richard offer culture media in both dehydrated and ready to use format, manufactured in accordance with the highest industry standards. Fort Richard preapred culture media enables the convenient growth, storage, and analysis of microbes making the laboratory workflow as easy as possible. Tests are only as reliable as the tools used which is why we believe that all laboratories should have access to the best media available.

Because the ideal medium to use depends on the specific microorganism to be cultured, we stock a large range ofproducts with various ingredient compositions. Customers can find culture media with the exact formulation they need to support the growth of specific bacteria. These specialised and custom growth environments have been developed by experienced microbiologists and product is transported in a way that fully preserves reliability. Whether you require differential, selective, or nutrient media, you can purchase everything your need from our store. We also manufacture custom media preparations and custom split or quad plate combinations.

We have been manufacturing prepared culture media for decades. Our reputation is built on consistent uncompromising quality, exceptional service, and a deep understanding of customer needs. Fort Richard is dedicated to ensuring complete buyer satisfaction and consistent product performance.

If you need excellent culture media, our extensive collection of prepared culture media is at your disposal. All prepared culture media we offer goes through extensive quality control with each batch assigned a corresponding Performance Certificate issued by our independent testing laboratory accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005. Contact Fort Richard today with your order enquiries. 

Culture Media