Workflow Solutions

Fort Richard’s solutions for clinical microbiology and food safety laboratories


Fort Richard’s Clarity – Complete Results System™ spans all aspects of a clinical or food safety microbiology workflow, covering most laboratory requirements for culture media, consumables, equipment or rapid testing systems. The system is designed for results-driven laboratory and procurement professionals who seek certainty of quality, supply and service.

Each category features known and trusted brands such as BD, Copan, and Neogen®, as well as Fort Richard’s own proprietary products – designed and manufactured at our purpose-built facilities in Australia and New Zealand.

Fort Richard’s Workflow Solutions feature four main product categories:

Culture media

Prepared culture media saves laboratory technicians valuable time. Fort Richard manufactures custom formulations and media combinations, and also offers laboratories the most comprehensive stockholding of dehydrated culture media in New Zealand. The range includes:

  • Bacterial Preservation
  • Bagged Media (Food Safety only)
  • BBL MGIT™ Tubes
  • BD BACTEC™ Bottles
  • Contact Plates
  • Dehydrated Culture Media – Agar
  • Dehydrated Culture Media – Broth
  • Chromogenic Culture Media
  • Egg Yolk Enrichments
  • FlipTop Diluents
  • Gamma Irradiated Culture Media
  • Hygiene Check Slides
  • Prepared Bottled Media
  • Prepared Plates - 60mm
  • Prepared Plates - 90mm
  • Prepared Tubed Media
  • Preweighed Media Sachets
  • Selective Supplements


With Fort Richard Laboratories, you will benefit from over four decades of industry experience – our in-house microbiologists are available to share their knowledge and provide advice on the best testing methods, materials and equipment to meet your needs.

  • Bacterial Enumeration Equipment
  • Clinical Laboratory Automation
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Sample Preparation Equipment


A wide range of laboratory consumables and prompt delivery (same/next day) means that essential workflow supplies are always on-hand when you need them. Accessing a variety of brands through one complete supplier range is a key benefit for laboratories.

  • Antisera
  • Bacterial Preservation
  • BD BACTEC™ Reagents
  • BD ProbeTec™
  • Chemicals
  • Disposable Plasticware
  • Environmental Systems
  • Hain DNA Strip Technology
  • Organisms
  • Pre-analytics
  • Sample Identification
  • Sample Preparation
  • Stains and Reagents
  • Sterilisation Monitoring

Rapid test systems

Speed and accuracy are essential elements of a robust testing system. Reliable results are critical, both in the laboratory and on-site. With the Neogen™ range of rapid food safety test systems, Fort Richard can set-up food manufacturers with in-house allergen, pathogen, and spoilage organism testing saving time and money.

  • Mycotoxins and Natural Toxins
  • Foodborne Pathogens
  • Food Allergens
  • Food Adulterants and Speciation
  • General Microbiology
  • ATP/Sanitation Monitoring
  • Sulfite, Pesticide and Drug Residues
  • Delvotest® Antibiotic Detection System
  • Rapid Food Safety Equipment