February 2022 - As the global Covid-19 pandemic continues, rapid antigen tests have become an important tool for managing health and safety.

Ministry of Health approved rapid antigen tests have arrived in New Zealand and are now available from Fort Richard. Products include tests for use by health professionals in point-of-care situations, and also kits designed for self-testing. No special equipment is required for either type – the tests are self-contained.

These quick and convenient rapid antigen test kits detect Omicron and other SARS-CoV-2 variants, delivering results directly from the testing device – within just 15 minutes. Produced by world leaders in diagnostics, these highly accurate tests ensure infection can be identified quickly and critical treatment decisions can be make without delay.


November 2019 – Medica is the world’s largest annual trade fair, attracting over 120,000 visitors from around 170 countries. 2019 saw a record number of exhibitors – over 5,500 – with around 900 from the laboratory equipment and diagnostic testing sector.

Fort Richard attended the show in Germany to learn about emerging healthcare trends, new products and other leading edge innovations for the microbiology industry. Highlights for the team were meeting with new and existing suppliers, as well as expanding Fort Richard Clinical Microbiology portfolio, including the molecular rest range for assays compatible with the BD-MAX™ System.


July 2018 – Goodman Fielder Fiji Ltd (Crest Chicken) recently implemented the Listeria Right Now™ molecular detection system for environmental Listeria. Fast, in-house testing for Listeria (including Listeria monocytogenes) has been a game-changer for the quality team at Crest, as the system provides highly accurate results within just one hour – saving significant time and cost by enabling immediate corrective action when necessary.

Crest Chicken joins Life Health Foods, Auckland, in using the Listeria rapid test for in-house environmental Listeria monitoring. QA Manager Joanne Goodhew says “Listeria Right Now™ is now a critical part of our internal Listeria monitoring programme, allowing us to monitor our site on a daily basis and respond appropriately on the same day. With Listeria Right Now™, we now have an increased amount of data allowing us to trend the results and give a high level of confidence in our Listeria management programme.”