Fort Richard’s colour coded packaging

Fort Richard’s protective light packaging

Product and packaging development 

A dedicated team of three in-house microbiologists gives Fort Richard Laboratories a strong base of technical knowledge and expertise from which innovative products can be developed. Creating proprietary products that are entirely new to the microbiology market ensure we continue to be leaders in the field.

Fort Richard is always looking to improve its products by enhancing convenience or functionality – in turn creating efficiencies and product value for our customers. Recent examples include several packaging innovations.

Colour coded packaging 

Identifying different types of media on the laboratory bench can be a challenge. Fort Richard petri dishes and vial caps are manufactured in seven different colours – ensuring the correct medium is used for each test – an improvement that saves time for laboratory workers.

Light protective packaging 

In a laboratory environment, media needs to be in optimum condition in order to perform correctly. Packaging light sensitive and chromogenic agar plates in proprietary black wrapping ensures product integrity throughout its shelf-life.

Modified atmosphere packaging

Extending the shelf-life of prepared agar plates will increase the value of any laboratory stockholding. Still in testing, Fort Richard has engineered a unique solution that will offer this considerable benefit over standard packaged media.