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Clinical microbiology solutions from Fort Richard

Clinical microbiology is the practice of diagnosing infectious diseases through tests, and helping to prevent their spread. Given the importance of this branch of medicine, laboraotires should not settle for anything less than the best tools and supplies. Fort Richard provides premier equipment, media and more. Everthing we offer undergoes professional quality control, courtesy of our independent testing laboratory.

A complete ‘start-to-finish’ solution for clinical microbiology laboratories, the Clarity – Complete Results System™ meets most product requirements at each stage in the workflow process from sampling, through to analysis and preservation. Whatever the need – culture media, equipment or consumables, Fort Richard can offer a specific product, brand or advice that will achieve results.


Collect, transport and prepare samples for analysis, including inoculation and incubation:

  • Disposable Plasticware
  • Gamma Irradiated Culture Media
  • Pre-analytics


Products for testing, staining, identification and analysis of samples:

  • Antisera
  • BBL MGIT™ Tubes
  • BD BACTEC™ Bottles
  • BD BACTEC™ Reagents
  • BD ProbeTec™
  • Chemicals
  • Chromogenic Culture Media
  • Clinical Laboratory Automation
  • Dehydrated Culture Media – Agar
  • Dehydrated Culture Media – Broth
  • Disposable Plasticware
  • Environmental Systems
  • Hain DNA Strip Technology
  • Organisms
  • Prepared Bottled Media
  • Prepared Plates (90mm)
  • Prepared Tubed Media
  • Preweighed Media Sachets
  • Sample Identification
  • Selective Supplements
  • Stains and Reagents
  • Sterilisation Monitoring


Specifically formulated prepared media and cryovials for all types of culture sample storage are available for the final stages of the laboratory workflow process.

  • Bacterial Preservation