Laboratory automation in microbiology saves valuable employee time and reduces the risk of human error. Fort Richard sells industry leading microbiology lab equipment and supplies at competitive prices. Investing in laboratory automation will streamline the operations of a microbiology lab.

The laboratory machines we offer are some of the best on the market today – industry leading technology from suppliers such as Interscience, that set new standards in laboratory automation systems. Fort Richard supplies well-known companies across Australasia.

There is a laboratory machine for nearly every purpose, including many common applications:

– Counting the number of bacteria in a sample
– Incubating microbes at a specific temperature for growth
– Sorting and preparing samples
– Transporting and storing specimens safely
– Sterilising petri dishes, test tubes, and other glassware
– Automating key lab functions

Trust Fort Richard to supply the right microbiology instruments and equipment to ensure your laboratory runs accurately, reliably and efficiently. Take full advantage of the latest laboratory automation available.