Fort Richard Laboratories Ltd provides culture media and rapid test kits for a variety of applications including Food Pathogen testing, Food Allergen detection and quantification, ATP sanitation monitoring, and general microbiology needs. As a leading supplier of food safety consumables, the company seeks to be the first choice for high quality food safety solutions. Fort Richard has partnered with reputed companies such as Neogen Corporation and Biotecon Diagnostics to bring the latest technology to New Zealand Food Manufacturers and testing labs.

Our rapid test kits are compatible with standard lab equipment, and used by companies throughout Australasia and the world. Every product goes through rigorous quality control procedures, ensuring that customers receive only the best.

What can clients expect? Fort Richard's rapid test systems offer the following advantages: Highly sensitive, accurate, and specific results; Fast results for significant time savings; Diverse species detecton capabilities; Economical compared to other test options; Easy handling and minimal preparation required.

Whether for detecting microbial contamination in food products or testing surfaces for potential food allergens the rapid test kits offered by Fort Richard are some of the best in the industry and will deliver results much faster than traditional detection methods. Consistency and accuracy are crucial in microbiology, so kit performance is designed to be reproducible.

Customers can always rely on Fort Richard to provide a complete selection of rapid test kits at competitive prices. The company has acquired a diverse range of products to meet the specific needs of their clients. Combined with the technical expertise of their in-house microbiologists, Fort Richard has earned a reputation as a trusted source of quality food safety testing consumables and kits.

Rapid Test Systems