Neogen® RFID Technology

Neogen® RFID launch at IAFP 2013

The launch of Neogen® Corporation’s RFID (radio frequency identification) system at the International Association for Food Protection was a highlight of the annual meeting for the Fort Richard team during their visit in August.

Designed for use with AccuPoint® 2 ATP Sanitation Monitoring System hardware, the system provides the following benefits:

  • Quickly and automatically pulls appropriate test site information
  • Reduces the overall time required to test
  • Designed for flexibility – can be used for any sanitation programme
  • Relieves manager of need to compose a daily sample plan

With several useful features, the RFID system makes sanitation monitoring fast and easy. The technology is now available from Fort Richard.

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Medica trade fair

Medica Trade Fair 2015 

Keeping abreast of new products and future trends is a priority for the team. Fort Richard attended the world forum for medicine held in Dusseldorf, Germany, in November to view the latest advances in total laboratory automation and other leading edge innovations for the microbiology industry.

Medica is the world’s largest annual trade fair, attracting over 130,000 visitors from medical technology, laboratory equipment and diagnostics sectors, amongst others. With around 4,500 exhibitors, it’s a highlight on the calendar of all those involved in the healthcare industry.

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